Expanding Networks, Igniting Innovation.

We are dedicated to developing sustainable solutions that positively affect the health of our planet and humankind by addressing the challenges posed by fossil fuel-based technologies. We are committed to climate-positive action and finding solutions to the plastic waste crisis. Collaboration with industry associations, educational institutions, and government advocacy collectively bolsters and advances innovation and economic rationale for adopting more sustainable solutions. Our involvement in the below associations and educational institutions supports our passion for promoting awareness and education on the solutions PHACT PHA can provide.


Alternative Fuels & Chemicals Coalition (AFCC)

Collaborates with industry partners to shape federal programs and legislation related to alternative fuels, renewable chemicals, biobased products, and sustainable aviation fuels.

Ameripen (American Institute for Packaging and the Environment)

Represents the entire U.S. packaging value chain, providing policymakers with unbiased, science-backed insights.

Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)

Committed to advancing the adoption of compostable products and materials worldwide, actively advocating for policies that support compostable solutions.

European Bioplastics (EUBP)

Dedicated to raising awareness among stakeholders about the advantages of bioplastics, with a focus on reducing our dependence on fossil resources, mitigating harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and enhancing the efficient utilization of renewable resources.

GSA - Green Sports Alliance

Engages stakeholders from around the sporting world, including teams, leagues, conferences, venues, corporate partners, governmental agencies, athletes, and fans, to promote healthy, sustainable communities where we live and play.

National Stewardship Action Council

Advocates for the United States to attain an equitable, circular economy in the U.S., and at any level of government.

Plant Based Product Council (PBPC)

Aspire to deliver a future based on renewable goods, improving global resource efficiency to meet the challenges of the 21st century through reductions in greenhouse gas emissions as well as municipal waste.

Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) & Bioplastic Division

 Supports the entire plastics supply chain and helps members set and achieve environment-positive goals.

The Bioplastics Divisions of PLASTICS works to promote the development of bioplastics as an integral part of the plastics industry

Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC)

Facilitates collaboration among businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies to collectively bolster and advance the economic rationale for adopting more sustainable packaging solutions.

Western Plastics Association (WPA)

Facilitates alliance of plastic manufacturers, suppliers, and downstream customers dedicated to representing the broader interests of the plastics industry in the Western States and Canadian Provinces of North America.