A new business with an exciting history

The CJ Biomaterials business was created and launched in 2022 - building on a decades-long history in food and biotechnology.

The core technology platforms for CJ Biomaterials date back to 2010, when they were inaugurated as part of a push by the CJ Group into biotechnology. In 2016 - CJ CheilJedang acquired Metabolix and its PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) technology. CJ CheilJedang started to further develop the technology and had the capacity to make it available in quantities that could satisfy industry demand. Shortly after the launch of CJ Biomaterials in 2022, we inaugurated our new PHA production facility in Pasuruan, Indonesia, and introduced our first product, PHACT™ A1000P. This revolutionary amorphous PHA is certified biodegradable under industrial compost, soil (ambient and marine environments). It is also considered 'home compostable', meaning it does not require specialized equipment or elevated temperatures to degrade fully.