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Zero Waste

A World with Zero Plastic Waste


At CJ Biomaterials, we imagine a world with no plastic waste and work on solutions to get us closer every day.


The concept of reduce/reuse/recycle is an excellent, ambitious idea to help tackle the plastic waste problem. But the reality is that it is not a practical stand-alone solution. Research conducted by the organization Beyond Plastics, in conjunction with the California-based nonprofit The Last Beach Cleanup, found that only 5%-6% of the plastic waste generated in the United States is ever actually recycled. Global estimates put it at 10%. Arthur Morlet, CEO of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation put the point clearly: “Recycling alone will not save us”.

How PHACT™ Can Reduce Plastic Waste

PHACT polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) biopolymers hold the potential to replace the traditional, linear lifecycle of plastic with a fully circular solution. PHAs are natural materials, much like wood. They are readily biodegradable, and in the environment PHAs have a fast degradation rate, primarily via enzymatic attack. Their degradation byproducts actually add beneficial elements to the environment. This is why PHAs offer a better circular solution to address the issue of plastic waste.

Today, we are working with other biopolymer producers to create innovative compounds using PHA that can begin to address the problem tomorrow. We’re enhancing the environmental profile of manufactured products while making them perform better at the same time.

Our sights are set on a broad range of markets and products to reduce plastic waste. Food and beverage packaging. Consumer goods. Agricultural products. 3D printing; and more.

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